JIA was honored to feature our works ’16 Ice Creamer’s Global Design Fair & Exhibition’ in Seoul, South Korea.

“The Evolution & Alliance: the beginning of diversity ” in the present designs reflects the multidimensional, relative and subjective tendencies of the present era based on diversity against the fixed and adhesive standardization of the modernist era. The purpose of the exhibition is to form an alliance that builds the possibility of forming a relationship where diversity coexists and communicates as needed.

This exhibition was hosted and organised by Wonkwang Winner Linc Cooperation, Dept of Space, Environmental and Industrial Design of Wonkwang University, Ice Creamers Inc with 23 invited creative designers and studios from 11 countries. The co-host is the Korea’s promising Design Institute named D.Nomade (www.dnomade.com) from South Korea with 100,000 members in design industry.

Wonkwang University is one of the two only schools in South Korea that have courses for antiques restoration.